viernes, mayo 21, 2004


...Does anybody really know the secret
Or the combination for this life and where they keep it
Its kinda sad when you don?t know the meaning
But everything happens for a reason
I don?t even know what I should say
Cuz Im an idiot a loser a microphone abuser
I analyze every second I exist
Beaten on my mind every second with my fist

And everybody wanna run
Everybody wanna hide from the gun
You can take that ride through this life if you want
But you cant take the edge off the knife - no sir
And now you want your money back
But your denied cuz your brains fried from the sac
And there aint nothing I can do
Cuz life is a lesson you?ll learn it when your through

I know why you want to hate me
Now I know why you want to hate me
Cuz hate is all the world that?s even seen lately...

::::Escuchando Take a look around - Limp Bizkit::::